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Queen Joanna the Mad (1877) by Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz

Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz (1848-1921) is sometimes considered a forgotten master artist, yet his biography includes serving as the Director of the Prado Museum, winning numerous international awards, including the French Legion of Honor, and he held the position of the Director of the Spanish Academy in Rome. But he is best remembered for his paintings of the subject Doña Juana La Loca (Joanna the Mad) spurred a new generation of historical painters in Spain.

Pradilla was heavily influenced by artists Ribera, Titian, Velázquez, and El Greco, all of whom are displayed in the Prado Museum permanent collection. To improve his own skills, he would copy the Old Master paintings and had a lifelong study of Greek and Roman texts, in addition to Spanish historical documents which inspired many of his paintings. An avid collector of rare books he also possessed the ability to speak several languages.  In Queen Joanna the Mad (1877), the Spanish artist Francisco Pradilla uses romanticism elements of nature and an emotional scene to render a full realist painting that narrates an important historical event.  The painting illustrates a view into the life of the Spanish Royal Joanna (1479-1555), who was the second daughter of King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain. 

Many artists explored the subject of Joanna because, after the death of her husband, Joanna accompanied the body to its place of burial. She refused to sleep or leave the casket and kept vigil over the casket in torrential rain and winds. This, combined with other behaviors deemed as eccentric, estranged her from other royals. She spent the last years of her life in a convent which can be found in other paintings of her life.

WHERE TO FIND IT? This painting is on display at the PRADO Museum in Madrid, Spain.

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Highly Anticipated Book Chippy The Cheetah Rides 545 Miles From San Francisco To Los Angeles Released Today

First-Time Author Gary Graves Embraces the LGBTQ+ Communities Celebrating Diversity and Caring

FULLERTON, Calif. — September 18, 2020 — Today, noted writer Gary Graves released his first children’s book, “Chippy The Cheetah Rides 545 Miles From San Francisco To Los Angeles,” ten years in the making, it tells the story of the young hero Chippy, an adventurous and caring young cheetah who joins the AIDS/LifeCycle ride and learns lessons about helping others. Chippy learns the benefits of being part of a team as well as seeing the rewards of his determination and goals. During the journey, Chippy is faced with challenges such as raising money for charity and riding his bicycle on the road.

Readers will enjoy how Chippy cleverly figures things out and positively solves his challenges. Mr. Graves’ goal is to inspire people who see the personal growth of Chippy, and how the cheetah sees the importance of caring and helping others throughout the ride. Gary Graves tells his readers, “The book is appropriate for everyone and celebrates the goodness of humanity. Deep down we are all the same! Chippy The Cheetah introduces LGBTQ+ themes and hopes to create positive role models for the LGBTQ+ community and those infected with AIDS/HIV. It reminds people that every person can do important things in the world, however big or small.”

Graves added, “I’ve written Chippy The Cheetah as a celebration of my 10-years of riding in and raising money for the AIDS/LifeCycle to combine my love of cycling, cheetahs, and charity. Completing my 10th year participating in the Aids/Lifecycle, even during the ‘stay at home year 2020,’ has been a thrill. I encourage readers, family and friends to support The Aids/Lifecycle, an exciting 545-mile journey by bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The charity ride benefits AIDS organizations and provides prevention education and services to those afflicted with AIDS/HIV.”

Mr. Graves is currently a tenured and full-time professor of business management at Fullerton College. He teaches Entrepreneurial Mindset, Principles of E-Commerce, Small Business Management, Principles of Advertising and Creativity Matters! One of his entrepreneurial businesses, Cycle Animals, is a specialty fundraising site that develops cycling clothing and items featuring favorite animals. The net proceeds from purchases are donated to various causes and non-profit organizations. 

“Chippy The Cheetah Rides 545 Miles From San Francisco To Los Angeles” sells in print for $25 and is available online and digital version on Gary Graves can be found on FacebookTwitter:  LinkedIn and Instagram 

For more information go to:

or call (714) 264-8778

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ART Happening Near Fullerton, CA

MAY 2021

Please support our local ARTS organizations. If you know of any art event not mentioned, please email me at

2021 Fullerton College Student Art Exhibition
Fullerton College
The Fullerton College Art Gallery is proud to present our virtual Student Art Exhibition. Please visit to enjoy our fantastic student artwork created during this year. The exhibition includes 333 artworks from 122 students, virtual galleries, and student art awards. Some artworks are available for purchase.

“Shades of Us”
1201 W. Malvern Ave., Fullerton (714)738-6595

Artist Eloy Torrez explores the ideas of “us” and “we” through his sub-jects. In this exploration, Torrez delves into the personalities and diverse make-up of his painted guests. Guest curated by Jimmy Centeno. April 29-July 1. The gallery is open Monday–Thursday, 12-4 pm. $5/group. Reservations required. Available only for private viewing. AltaMed employees and their parties may have their admission charge waived by showing their employee badge.

“Made in California”
1 Civic Center Cir, Brea (714) 990-7730

Every year, this juried exhibit showcases artwork from all over the state of California and highlights artists in all stages of their careers, and offers them a chance to compete for a number of awards, including the coveted solo show opportunity. “Made in California” is open to the public. There was no opening reception this year. Masks, social distancing, and other safety measures will be required of all staff and visitors. Through June 18. Visitors can learn about future exhibitions and workshops at or by following the gallery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @breagallery. Open hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 12 pm – 5 pm. For more information, call (714) 990-7731 or visit

321 E. Chapman Ave (1000 Bldg)

The artists in this virtual exhibition address these issues: creating a just food system, honoring the Earth, valuing the work of those producing our food, respecting food sovereignty, and ensuring that everyone has enough. Featuring work by: Jackie Amézquita, Sula Bermúdez-Silverman, Narsiso Martinez, Nikki McClure, Sara Rosenblatt, Chip Thomas. Through May 21. The Gallery is currently closed, however, you may access the show virtually at

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